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2018 Goalie Wall Ball / Helmet Challenge



Please see below information relative to the Goalie Wall Ball Challenge:


To develop stick skills and save technique.





*Gloves must be worn

*Goalies are to be 5 paces from the wall (No creeping in)

*Must step to ball ending with shuffle step

*Return to starting point after each save

*Must start over if any drops

*Continuous video no editing

*Videos will be taped from the side, not the rear

*Must be done on a wall, not a bounce back

* Players are allowed to have extra balls at their feet

* All exercises are to be passed in a row

*Challenge will be video taped from start to end with no breaks in the recording

*Short breaks allowed in between excercises

*Proper techniquie required for reps to count

*Drops do not count

*Players do not stop until 1 minute is up even if they hit required reps



Each Exercise to be Completed Within 60 Seconds:



  • 10 - stick high
  • 10 - off stick high
  • 10 - hip
  • 10 - off hip
  • 10 - stick low
  • 10 - off stick low



  • 12 - stick high
  • 12 - off stick high
  • 12 - hip
  • 12 - off hip
  • 12 - stick low
  • 12 - off stick low



  • 15 - stick high
  • 15 - off stick high
  • 15 - hip
  • 15 - off hip
  • 15 - stick low
  • 15 - off stick low



Shooter shirt



Regular goalie challenge must be completed before moving on to the goalie helmet challenge.  Same 6 exercises as regular goalie challenge, just more reps required to pass.  In addition to 6 wall ball exercises, there is a clearing test as well. The clearing test consists of 40 clears to 4 different spots. See instructional video below...


Clearing test:

*Goalie must be in the crease

*Catcher can move within area that is designated

*Passes that don't reach or cause catcher to move outside designated area will not count and will require goalie to start from beginning again.

*Catcher doesn't have to make catch.  If the ball touches catchers stick while he is in designated area it will count.

*Video to be recorded behind catcher.

*All four exercises have to be completed in a row.

*Lob passes must be high enough to go over an extended short stick not just the goal.

*10 good passes to each of the four stations in a row 40 total.

*Designated catching areas must be clearly laid out with extra balls, sticks etc... 

Clearing is just as important as saves.  Goalie has to be the quarterback of the clear.  Our goalies should also be practicing their clearing on the run as well.  This is a difficult challenge by design and will require some extra dedication.  We would like to see all goalies be able to comfortably complete this challenge before they move on to high school.



Custom helmet


Submitting videos:

*No stops in the video on any of the challenges.

*No video editing.

*Videos must be uploaded to youtube and link emailed to   .

*Video recorded from side on wall ball challenge.

*Video recorded from behind catcher on clearing test.

*Gloves must be worn for all challenges.


Goalie Wall Ball video link:



Goalie Clearing Test video link:



Good luck goalies!  Get on that wall and start practicing your clears!